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About Us

Global Decors is a company born out of an interest in uniting talented and undiscovered artisans of impoverished countries with buyers for their work. My infatuation with the world and it’s amazing cultural diversity created an opportunity to discover in ways I never could have imagined. Everywhere so different and everywhere so alike. For me, the thread that repeated itself over and over again, from Africa to Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, are the challenges faced by women and families in poor and often remote communities.      

As an Interior Decor enthusiast, I am drawn to things global because they speak so frankly to the issues around sustainability in global communities and diversity in interior design. Products produced by Artisans in countries like Peru, Panama, India or South Africa, from textiles to basketry are most often produced by women, sometimes in the most difficult of circumstances. To look at their creation in my home, is to admire their courage, tenacity and skill as they navigate the responsibilities of family, community and survival. Incorporating things global in the design of your interior space will add incredible dimension in both depth and character and create a pathway for economic sustainability for many women in affected communities.